Monthly Bookkeeping Health Assessment.

Welcome!  This is your secure business portal, where all the information you enter is encrypted, so you can be reassured your confidential information is safe.  

We apologize in advance for the lengthy introduction, but we want to be transparent with how things will work and to ensure there is no misunderstanding of the process if you decide to signup for our services below.  Please read through carefully to the end before signing up. 

We're excited about the opportunity to get to know you, your business, and help you get the full benefit of having up-to-date records, month after month.  Your first month of bookkeeping with us starts now, and the fees we charge per month include having us enter any, and all, transactions pertaining to the calendar month you have earned income the receipts/bills are dated, including any reconciliations that are necessary, even though the statements do not come out until the following calendar month. 

Our mission is to help you get your bookkeeping done.  For us, that means up-to-last-week-current records that are paid for on a monthly basis.  In order for us to provide our bookkeeping services, we have to get you set up as a client, review your books for what is required, including the correct starting balances, and of course, get on a discovery call with you to go over what we found, our recommendations/next steps, and our workflow.  We also would like to go over any of your questions and concerns, as well as go over your expectations.

To get started, we ask that you fill out our Bookkeeping Health Assessment, by following the prompts, as it provides us with a good foundation for where your business is right now, in terms of finances, structure and other vital information we require once we get started.  Please note, that in one of the later sections we will recommend access to your online accounting software so we can go get whatever documents/supporting entries we need without you having to upload the file.  If this is not possible, because you aren't using software, or are using a desktop version, we will specify the format in which we would prefer the information, whether that is by sharing the spreadsheet you are using or providing a backup if you are using QuickBooks desktop.

The period of time from when you are reading this to your discovery call, to the most important part, your bookkeeping getting done, is dependent on how fast we get the information from you, including what we ask for in the questionnaire as well as any supporting/additional documentation while doing our review of your records.  That's why we have created this 'space' for you, where if you follow the steps, you should be able to complete your initial part in 30 minutes, hopefully no more than 60 minutes max if you have to look up information.  You can also come back and finish later if you don't have all the correct information or requested documents right now.

If you need to come back and complete a section, change an answer based on new information, or upload your documents, a magic login link to get back into your 'space' will be sent to the email you provide below when you sign up for our services.  You'll have access to your space with a click of the button, no password is required.  We recommend you save this email to a folder as you can use it to enter your private space throughout this onboarding process.

If you do not have time now to start the questionnaire, you can logout on the next page (we recommend you fill out the contact information below, otherwise you have not signed up for your free month) and use the link sent to your email when you are ready.  New clients are accepted in the order they come through, and the first month of free bookkeeping is limited to the first five people who sign up.  This is so we can schedule all the time we need into our schedule as we need to get to know each other and develop a process to ensure continued success in the future.  All interactions and future communications will be through the founder that is listed in your space even though it is up to our discretion who in our company can work on your bookkeeping.       

Within 24-36 business hours Monday through Friday, of us receiving notification that you have signed up below, we'll send through a document for you to sign digitally.  This is where we set out our terms for a minimum three month contract, including the free month, so we can get to know each other, how we work, and see if we can get a workable process together for future/long-term services.  If any part of the contract is unclear to you or you need clarification, please let us know before signing it.  Also, do not sign it if you do not agree to any one of the terms.  In that scenario, please contact us right away and let us know what your concern is, so we can attempt to work something out that is agreeable to both of us.  For us, a contract should protect both you and us for any disagreement in the future.  We would like to avoid any issues, however, and we strive to always do that through open communication between both of us from.

We require payment in advance for monthly bookkeeping services, with our first invoice provided to you after we receive your signed contract.  The second and subsequent months of bookkeeping fees will be due on the first day of each calendar month following your first month. 

For the purpose of this contract, our monthly fee is 3% of your gross revenue for the year divided by 12, not including the cost of any accounting software of apps.  We reserve the right to adjust our fees after the 3 month contract is over and/or the service we offer has changed, although most client fees remain at the 3% rate plus software and apps as necessary.     

To summarize, our review of your books will start once we have the signed digital contract, a completed questionnaire, and the requested documents and/or access to your accounting software.  Once we're done, we can get on a discovery call, and from there, we can start entering your transactions and providing you with financial statements.

Again, welcome to Accrual Business Services.  We look forward to working with you.   

*** Please note, the email you enter here will be used for your login to your secure portal for entering your information and providing documents, therefore, you might want to choose an email only you have access to, to ensure there is no unauthorized access to your private financial information.  *** 
We work one-on-one with Canadian businesses that need their bookkeeping done every month, and are prepared to implement a systemized process to make the task less stressful, and in return benefit with up-to-date financials they can rely on to make decisions. Does this sound like you? *